What's Causing Your Irregular Periods?

Some women can set their clocks by their period, knowing exactly when it will come each month, how long it will last, and even what their flow will be like. While most women won’t have periods this exacting, periods are normal when they’re predictable — even if they vary from “the usual schedule” every now and again. 

But some women have irregular periods, never knowing when their period will arrive, how long it’ll last, or what the flow will be like. At Kelly Morales, OB/GYN, in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Morales offers a full line of services to help women struggling with irregular periods. She also understands that discerning between normal and abnormal bleeding isn’t always easy. 

Since irregular periods are usually a sign that something’s not quite right, we’ve put together this information to help you identify irregular periods and what might cause them. 

What is an irregular period?

Since no two women are exactly alike, it's difficult to know if your periods are normal or irregular. There are important signs that can point you in the right direction, however. 

For example, if your periods routinely last for more than a week, if your periods come closer together than 21 days or take longer than 35 days to appear, or if you don’t get your period at all for over three months, you have an irregular period and should schedule a visit with Dr. Morales. 

It’s also important not to wait to visit Dr. Morales if you have heavy and abnormal uterine bleeding. 

Symptoms of abnormal bleeding include: 

You also should make an appointment with Dr. Morales if severe menstrual cramps prevent you from carrying out your daily activities or if you experience bleeding between periods.

What is causing my irregular periods?

Many conditions or a combination of conditions can cause irregular periods. Most frequently, irregular periods result from a hormonal imbalance or a condition that arises related to such an imbalance. 

Some common causes of irregular periods include:

If you’re experiencing an irregular period, it’s important to get an evaluation from a trained gynecologist, like Dr. Morales. Since irregular periods are typically caused by an underlying condition, it’s important to have a thorough evaluation and get help sooner rather than later to prevent complications. 

Is there help for irregular periods?

Dr. Morales offers treatment plans for irregular periods based on the underlying cause of the abnormal bleeding. While every woman’s treatment plan is unique to her health history, symptoms, and stage of life, some treatment options include:

Remember, the right treatment depends on the root cause of your irregular periods. Dr. Morales provides recommendations for treatment based on the issue or issues contributing to your abnormal bleeding. 

If you think you’re experiencing irregular periods, contact our San Antonio office by calling 210-570-7277. The sooner Dr. Morales evaluates your periods, the sooner your treatment can begin.

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