Five Interesting Facts About da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Five Interesting Facts About da Vinci Robotic Surgery

If you need surgery to treat a gynecological condition, you’re in good company. At least 20 million American women have undergone hysterectomies, and millions have had other types of gynecologic surgeries.. 

At Kelly Morales, OB/GYN, we’re proud to offer the most advanced treatments for women in and around San Antonio, Texas, who need gynecologic surgery. As an expert in minimally invasive and robot-assisted technologies, Dr. Morales uses the da Vinci® robotic surgical system to surgically treat many conditions with fewer incisions and a faster recovery time. 

Facing surgery of any kind can make even the most fearless among us nervous. To ease your fears, take a moment to read more about the amazing da Vinci system, including some interesting facts you’ll want to know. 

All about da Vinci robotic surgery

Robot-assisted surgery is a minimally invasive surgery performed through small incisions using high-definition, 3D cameras and specially designed surgical tools. These tiny tools allow Dr. Morales to operate with more precision and better control than with the human hand alone. 

During your surgery, Dr. Morales uses computer-assisted technology that guides robotic arms holding the surgical instruments. She also inserts a tiny camera through a small incision. This gives her a magnified view of the surgical site. 

Dr. Morales conducts the surgery from a console in the operating room near you and the experienced support staff. The robotic system never makes decisions or performs incisions on its own — it only responds to Dr. Morales’ hand and finger movements. 

The da Vinci robotic surgical system can be used to perform a number of minimally invasive gynecologic procedures. Common gynecological conditions Dr. Morales treats using the da Vinci system include:

Dr. Morales evaluates your condition and symptoms carefully before recommending surgical intervention. 

Five more interesting things about the da Vinci system

Now you know the basics about da Vinci robotic surgery, but there’s more to learn about this amazing surgical system. Here’s a look at five interesting facts about da Vinci robotic surgery that you’ll want to know before making a final decision about your procedure.

1. Better visualization, more precision — even in small spaces

The camera the da Vinci robot uses provides Dr. Morales with a high-definition, magnified, 3D image. A better view of the surgical area allows her to perform complex procedures in the small spaces of your body with a high degree of precision, giving her more flexibility with your surgery and an optimal outcome for you. 

2. No big scars required 

Unlike conventional surgery, which requires large incisions to give the doctor enough room to operate, the precision of the da Vinci robot allows it to make tiny incisions. The result? You experience minimal scarring. 

This is great news since large scars can cause more pain right after surgery and in the future. With the da Vinci system, the smaller the incision means a smaller scar and less risk of complications down the line.

3. Less downtime, faster recovery 

You’ll still need to rest and recuperate after your procedure, but because da Vinci surgery is minimally invasive, your recovery won’t take as long. Dr. Morales makes small incisions and cuts or removes minimal tissues in the treatment area. 

Because of the small, precise nature of the da Vinci system, your body won’t have as much area to heal compared to traditional surgery. This means less downtime after your procedure and a faster recovery overall. 

4. Reduced risk of infection

Every type of surgical procedure, robotic or not, brings with it a risk of infection. And any incision or wound that gets infected creates a risk of a serious health issue developing. That’s why the less cutting that needs to be done, the better. One of the top benefits of da Vinci robotic surgery is that it’s minimally invasive, giving you a significantly lower risk of infection. 

5. The most popular choice for gynecologic surgery

With all the benefits the da Vinci system offers, it’s no wonder that more women now choose da Vinci surgery for minimally invasive hysterectomies than traditional laparoscopy or vaginal surgery. Not all surgeries can be completed using the da Vinci system, however. Be sure to discuss your options with Dr. Morales. 

If you need gynecologic surgery, trust the experienced hands of Dr. Kelly Morales. You can set up a consultation by calling our office at 210-570-7277.

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