Five Common Signs of Endometriosis

Five Common Signs of Endometriosis

Did you know that about 10% of women of reproductive age have endometriosis, a painful condition in which the tissue that lines your uterus grows outside the womb? If you’ve been suffering from heavy or painful periods, you might wonder if this condition is the cause. 

At Kelly Morales, OB/GYN in San Antonio, Texas, we understand how troubling severe periods can be and why you might think endometriosis is behind your symptoms. But heavy, painful periods aren’t the only sign of this chronic condition.

That’s why Dr. Morales and our care team are dedicated to helping women understand more about endometriosis by offering education, diagnostic services, and treatment for the condition as part of our gynecological services

We share more about five common signs of endometriosis.

1. Period problems

There’s no doubt about it, the most common symptom of endometriosis is problematic periods, which includes symptoms such as:

If you’re struggling with these problematic period symptoms, schedule an appointment with Dr. Morales to determine the cause. 

2. Pain in your abdomen, back, or pelvis 

Because endometriosis causes the endometrium, or lining of your uterus, to grow in places it’s not supposed to, you can develop severe pain that keeps getting worse over time. This is because as you get your period each month, the tissue outside your uterus thickens and breaks down just like the tissue inside your uterus. 

But unlike the tissue that’s in the right place, the misplaced tissue can’t shed and leave your body, triggering pain in the pelvis, lower back, and abdomen. While these are the most common locations, some women develop pain in other parts of their bodies, too.

3. Pain during or after sex

Endometriosis can cause sex to become painful. Many women describe the sensation as “deep pain,” and, unfortunately, this pain may last up to 24 hours after you have sex. Keep in mind that sex should never be painful, and this symptom could indicate other gynecological issues. If you’re experiencing pain during intercourse, schedule a visit with Dr. Morales to figure out why.

4. Digestive symptoms

The endometrial tissue outside your uterus keeps growing each month, oftentimes on and around the intestinal tract and other organs in the abdomen. This can trigger a host of digestive symptoms, including:

The symptoms can be so severe that women have frequently been misdiagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) when in fact they’re suffering from endometriosis. 

5. Infertility

Sadly, many women learn about endometriosis when they struggle with infertility. If you’ve been struggling to conceive — even without other symptoms of endometriosis — this chronic condition could be the cause. The sooner you visit Dr. Morales for a diagnosis, the sooner you can start treatments to help you get pregnant.

If you’re worried about endometriosis, or if you have additional questions about the condition, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Kelly Morales by calling our San Antonio office at 210-570-7277 to schedule a consultation. 

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