HPV: get the facts!

You can get it from somebody who doesn’t even know they are infected. It’s

incredibly common and nearly all sexually active women get it at some point in

their lives. There is a vaccine for it and routine tests that screen for it. You may

or may not develop symptoms and it is usually treatable. Some types can lead

to bumps while several types can lead to cancer if left untreated. Would you

like to know more? Let’s start the conversation on the Human Papillomavirus.

HPV: get the facts!

What will be your labor and delivery soundtrack?

Deep and soulful torch songs or powerful motivating anthems for the

marathon of labor? What will be your labor and delivery soundtrack? You

might want calming instrumental music to get lost in or maybe party tunes to

celebrate you and the power of the birthing experience. Whatever your musical

taste, just remember that all of your senses become heightened during labor, so

your favorite “jam” today might suddenly become a relentless auditory itch on

your special day, so be sure to load a variety of songs on your iPod. Have fun

creating your Birth Soundtrack and enjoy the ride!

Is your clock ticking?

Is your clock ticking? Do you even have a clock?  Have you placed your clock on a shelf, waiting until your education, career and life partner are in the picture?  Age-related infertility is becoming more common today as many women wait until their 30’s to begin their families.  Timing can be everything and optimizing your health before conception is key.  If you are having difficulty getting your family started or would like to enhance your health and chances of conceiving, call for an initial consultation today.




Every Mom-to-be has a vision of the Perfect Birth. From dim lights and only 2 minutes of pushing to the Theme from Rocky to the immediate and loving latch of your newly born precious bundle – you know that you have thought about this life-changing event over and over again.  Write these hopes and desires down.  This important plan will help prepare you for your perfect delivery and will help communicate your wants and needs to your delivery team.  I would be happy to discuss your birth plan with you so call for an initial consultation today!


It’s not your mother’s birth control pill anymore.


 It’s not your mother’s birth control pill anymore. “The Pill,” as it is affectionately referred to, is no longer used just for contraception. Unwanted facial hair, acne, heavy / painful periods and altering “Aunt Flow’s” monthly visit are just a few of the things that the birth control pill can address. And, if taking a pill every day is not your thing, other preparations are available through your doctor’s office. It’s time to take back your health! I would be happy to discuss these opportunities with you so call for an initial consultation today!